When is the Right Time to Get Your Child Started in Golfing? Part II

Your child will need to put the golf ball up on a tee. Watch to see how they react when they start hitting those balls. Remember; children will be children, either they will be focused enough to keep the game going or they’ll get side tracked with other things going on around them-that’s okay, just give it some time. This is not the time to be pressuring your child into playing the game, you want them to be having fun.

You can begin formal lessons when your child enters school. When a child enters school his cognitive skills have developed and he has a better attention span- this is the time your child can benefit from taking lessons. One of the first things your child will learn is how to have a proper grip. Learning to place the hands properly on the golf club will give your child a jump start on becoming a good golfer.

An important element in giving a child the best chance of having some early success is to invest in some good equipment. You’ll need golf clubs made just for kids, not cut down adult sized clubs. Cut down clubs tend to be on the heavy side and often have poor lie angles. Good kids’ equipment isn’t hard to find these days and the prices aren’t bad either. For kids just starting out all they need are: a wood, a putter, a mid (a 5 iron will do), and a 7 or short iron.

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