When is the Right Time to Get Your Child Started in Golfing? Part I

While there is no right answer, it’s suggested to start your child as soon as they show an interest in playing. Every child is different; one could show an interest at the age of three, while another child might not seem interested until he’s a bit older. The most important factor is to expose them to the game and nurture their interest as they express joy and excitement from the sport.

Let’s take Tiger Woods for example; by the age of two he was already showing an interest in the game. There was no doubt that Tiger was already showing his skill to become the greatest golfer of all time and one of the best athletes ever.

Most children of course will not display the same aptitude that tiger did at that age. The average two year old doesn’t have the coordination or the attention span it takes to play the game. Tiger was the rare exception in this case. There is no time line when it comes to introducing your child to the game of golf-when they’re ready they’re ready.

The best way to begin is with proper introductions-take your child to the driving range and let them start swinging away. Children usually learn just by watching, and observing others on the driving range will be the best way they can learn to swing. Secondly, the only other thing they need is a golf club and someone to show them where to swing.

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