The Continuing Debate-Is Golf a Sport? Part III

* Played Nationwide: Golf used to be a sport played solely by people from the United Kingdom and the US. Today the game his played by people all over the world.

* Time and commitment: This is the part of golf that’s often misunderstood. Simply put…This is the one sport you just can’t pick up and instantly become good at. All other sports are adaptable with simple coordination and athleticism, but the golf swing is such an unaccustomed motion that it is near impossible to know how to do right away. If you have decided golf is the sport for you, count on many days of practice before you even get halfway good at the game. You will spend tons of time practicing and still might not be any good. Plan on spending at least 20-30 hours a week practicing if you want to be good at this sport. Golf is a different sport, unlike any other-it will take thousands of hours for you to be decent as an amateur. Want to be a pro? Plan on a lot of time and patience.

For those who think golf isn’t a sport, it’s simply a matter of opinion. Ask any professional golfer and see what they say. If you truly love the game then nothing will stop you, whether it’s a sport or not. If you want to play for the fun of it that’s ok too. If you want to become a pro earning millions of dollars you will need time and money to invest in your dream.

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