More about the Day in the Life of a Golf Caddy

Ahhh… the day in the life of a golf caddie- you wake up and head to the golf course in your golfing attire. You meet your client on the green and this is how you’ll spend your day. But what are your duties as a caddy? your duties include carrying the golf bag, pulling carts, choosing proper clubs for certain shots, cleaning balls, raking sand traps, lining up putts, predicting wind speeds and directions, reading green slopes, filling divots, tending holes, locating balls, marking holes, keeping accurate score, advising about golf rules and terms, and helping the boss to have the best day on the course. You’ll have your work cut out for you that’s for sure. Be prepared for a long work day, but if you like golf you’ll also have fun and get plenty of exercise.

Here’s the one thing-you can make or break a golfer’s day with giving timed advice and the right moral support. You may be the victim if a putt goes left or an eagle becomes a bogey. But if you’re a good golf caddy you can be the shining star for your client. Caddies know the ins and outs of the game, the course, and the rules.

Did you know that you can begin to caddie when you are only a teenager? The cool thing is that you don’t need any experience, just the desire to be a caddy. Most caddies begin on a volunteer basis. Some caddies take online caddie courses or take training with the Professional Caddie Association.

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